The Australian Crow Trap and the Larsen Trap: their capture success in Greece

Tsachalidis E., Sokos C., Birtsas P., Patsikas N.


The overpopulation of species of the Corvidae family causes serious problems to both people and wildlife. For this reason many damage prevention and control methods have been developed. Here, we report spring and summer capture success of Australian Crow Trap and Larsen Trap for Hooded Crow (Corvus corone cornix) and Magpie (Pica pica) in an agricultural – wetland complex near the city of Thessaloniki. The main aim of this study was the evaluation of effectiveness and selectivity of the two traps for future use in avian predator control programs, and also for use in research programs for the collection of biological samples. The Australian Crow Trap was the most successful trap after the application of some construction improvements and the use of call-birds and proper bait.

Keywords. Corvid predation, trap operation, non-target species, EU Birds Directive (79/409/EU)

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